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Cipherflak February 20, 2012 08:00

DesignModeler, filling pipes and problematic geometry
Hello, folks.

I have geometry, a pipe with one inlet and two outlets, and want to analyze properties of fluid flow within. I take it I have to FILL this geometry to define the proper fluid domain.
DesignModeler integrated into Ansys has a fill function, but I get an error due to "problematic geometry" and an error message "cannot heal wounds". The file I use is a parasolid (.x_t). should that cause any problems?

Have you encountered this before? Are there any other way to define my domain other than the fill function?

I'm very grateful for all input.

EDIT: Sorry, moderators, I just realized that this should go into the geometry forum.

dklastiwka March 29, 2012 17:39

Typically I have found that this indicates there is a problem with the original geometry file. Possibly slivers or other problems on the surface used to make the fill. Try checking those surfaces for problems and fixing them first.

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