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MainzerKaiser February 23, 2012 04:59

"Sharing Violation on path...*wbpj" project gone
Hi there,
since yesterday I got the following error in the workbench, when I try to save my project:
Fatal error when saving project: Sharing violation on path /... project.wbpj"

When I close the Workbench, the program did not ask me again, if I want to save anything. Afterwards the project file is totally empty, the tmp directory either. The project was gone.
This morning I started from an archive all over again and had the same error one hour later. It occurs, when something goes wrong in the meshing part. I could save the project by defining a new project name project2.wbpj. But doing this, all files are saved twice in a second directory project2_files. That way, I dont loose everything, but this cannot by the status quo!

Now, I switched off the beta features in Tools-Options-Apperance, just in case. This might have nothing to do with this mistake.

Does anyone ever experienced such error?



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