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canev.civelek March 1, 2012 10:52

Geometry basics. How do i model an open domain to simulate a jet flow
Hi there,
I am a new user to ANSYS and im struggling to create the geometry of a simple open domain. This will be the volume i will mesh to investigate a simple jet flow.

Ive tried doing a simple line diagram of the size and shape of the domain in the geometry section in workbench however when trying to open this in mesh states 'unable bodies found'.

I also tried making 2 faces (For the front and rear faces) and connecting them together however im still getting errors.

I know its just a simple setting or way to set this up however i cant find any iformation regarding this in the users guide.

Please let me know if you can help or where i may be able to get help from.

Thanks so much :)

krisshoe March 1, 2012 12:09

Have you tried to use the extrude function? Draw a 2D sketch of one side of your box, and then extrude that sketch. You can specify the length of the extrusion.

canev.civelek March 1, 2012 12:14

Hi there.

My first thought was to extrude it but then it will become a solid.

I am trying to create an open 3D or even 2D area where i can simulate a jet flow and view the behaviour.

Do you know if its possible to mesh a solid and then define it as open air during simulation?


krisshoe March 1, 2012 12:33

You can change your body type from Solid to Fluid in the details of your body in Design Modeler. However, once you mesh your flow domain, you should be able to read it into FLuent, even if it is a solid body type. I'm certain I've done this before.

canev.civelek March 1, 2012 13:00

Can i change the body type into air?

Its a volume that i am meant to specify (Which is the domain) and simulate a air jet coming into this domain.
So its essentially air flow into air.

I just need to specify the volume to mesh.

I meshed a solid before however i was told this was not correct, that i cannot use a solid body. (I did try but couldnt work it out so thought he was right). Is he wrong?

Do you know how to change the solid body into an air domain?

Thanks for your input, its much appreciated. :)

scipy March 1, 2012 18:14

I think a video I just made might help you a bit. It was aimed more at vehicle aerodynamics, but since it's just about creating an air domain it might be useful.

Part 1a:
Part 1b:

Meshing and other parts will be up tomorrow or at the latest by the weekend.

canev.civelek March 12, 2012 05:49

Hi Scipy,

The tutorials were extremely helpful. Thanks so much for the link. I know what you mean by there being lack of support for beginners.

Will you have any more tutorials coming out any time soon?

Thanks again :)

scipy March 12, 2012 06:26

Yes, I've just been busy this week. There are Fluent and CFD-Post tutorials in the making, as the video descriptions say.

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