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alquimista March 1, 2012 12:12

[CFX-Post] Flow through specific area

I'm running a transient case (LES). I need to save the data of the circulation in an area, for example a quarter of a cross section. Since I'm using a large mesh around 30 millions of cells I can't spend simulation time saving transient results (even without the mesh) every timestep in order to load the files with the CFX-Post. I'm doing it by now saving transient files every X timesteps but I'm losing accuracy.

Is there some method to save, store or export data in a plane or something without create the transient file?

Any idea is welcome.
Thanks in advanced!

PD: The topic includes "CFX-Post" because it's related with post-processing but maybe the solution is more related with some CFX-Pre or CFX-Solver, related with scripting or user fortran, no idea...

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