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Tech Neo March 14, 2012 18:58

Ansys Workbench Mesher creating Wall instead of Interior
I have been trying to model a geometry which has two parts. It includes a pipe which connects to a bigger tank. When I try to create the mesh for both the parts separately, the mesh comes out to be great, exactly the way I need it to be, but I see a wall at the exit of pipe when the mesh is taken to Fluent. This boundary should be INTERIOR as it lies inside of the tank.
I also tried to combine the two parts into a single one, and mesh it. The problem with this is lack of control on the inflation layers as the inflation layer has to be different in the pipe and the tank, and the mesher simply refuses to create inflation layes for the pipe separately, even when I have inserted one for the pipe.

Is there anyone who knows how to get rid of the wall boundary at the exit of the pipe, and make sure that Fluent takes it as the INTERIOR fluid zone?

rikio March 21, 2012 12:15

I never used workbench mesher, but the problem you currently have is an interface issue. The nonconformal interface exists between the two parts, so it was recognized as a wall. I would like to have a try if you post the geometry here, but maybe 12 hour later, since it is mid night here : )

Tech Neo March 25, 2012 23:27

Thank you rikio. You were right. I had an interface issue. That got resolved by combining all the bits and piece of the geometry into one part in the workbench. Thank you once again for your reply.

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