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Jim87 April 16, 2012 13:29

mesh - file from stand alone project

I've got a .cas- and a .dat - file. In order to check the quality of the mesh I want to create a meshfile out of this "stand - alone - project" (Fluent Analysis System in the toolbox)

Does anyone know how to get the mesh (.msh) from an existing Case or Data?


diamondx April 16, 2012 13:46

i never had the occasion to try but in Fluent if you click on file>write>boundary mesh, it will generate a .msh file for you. May be that's what you want let me know if it works

Jim87 April 16, 2012 17:48

That was the first thing I did ;)
I tried it and noticed that the boundary mesh and the "normal mesh" are nt the same. If I have a normal mesh (for example in the component setting) I can link it to the finite Element Modeler and check the settings. (skewness, aspect ratio etc.)

I guess the finite Element Modeler should be linked to the "stand - alone -project" similar to the coponent construction, but I don't get it.


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