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slimmsk April 17, 2012 17:00

help for ANSYS Fluent - cylindrical flow
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Hello everyone,

I start a project to study digital and it's been 4 months since I started with ANSYS13 FLUENT. (Figure 1)

I start by simulating the flow of blood through a vein with the presence of a probe (blood flow between two parallel cylinders) to validate my model.
The study is already done.
I can not find the correct profile (I found an acceleration along the cylinder) (figure 2), the rate does not stabilize. The flow is along the Z axis

Normally I have to find a profile such that the (figure 3)

The conditions I have are:
The vein is modeled by a straight cylinder of diameter D = 25.8mm and length L = 300mm. The probe is modeled by a right cylinder of diameter d = 3.1mm and the same length.
The flow area is S = pi (D -d ) / 4 = 515.245mm

The flow is assumed laminar
The walls are assumed fixed and rigid over time.
The blood is assumed Newtonian studied with a density and viscosity 1050Kg/m3 0.0045Kg / (ms)
The temperature is set at 310 K (body temperature 37 C)
The boundary conditions are imposed
o Input: Q = 3600ml/min therefore a mass flow of 0.0633Kg / s
o Output: P = 399.96 Pa

I use the following configurations on fluent (figure 4)

Model: viscous laminar
Material: Fluid: Blood
Boundary condition : (figure 5 6)

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