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obliviongr November 5, 2012 05:22

Simulation CFD on 64 cores
My lab is interested to buy a 64-core opteron system.

will Autodesk simulation CFD program support all these cores?

dgbowman November 30, 2012 13:04

I have a PC loaded with 12 cores (dual 6 core processors, Dell T7500) running Autodesk CFD simulation. It requires a multi-core license (the license price is based on the number of cores) and a HP (high performance not Hewlett Packard) multi-core application (free).

There is a conflict with my nvidia Quadro 5000 card settings between the Autodesk CFD software and everything else so I have a dual boot configuration... with Autodesk CFD as the only application in one boot mode and everything else in the second boot mode. This is a pain. I create models in one boot mode (or on a second PC) saving them as parasolid models then import those models into CFD. So, if I am iterating a design I end up running two PCs (4 large monitors).

But, that said, it works fine. I can monitor the CPU performance with Windows 7 resource monitor. I was surprised to learn that not all operations, such as meshing, use all CPUs.

Regards, Dennis

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