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jstaker7 December 29, 2012 14:45

How do I change the units?
I ran a simulation and have the velocity results traced. The problem is that the units are displayed as mm/s which is impractical for reporting purposes.

I attempted to change the units via the options menu and selected the proper units and restarted the software per the note given in the menu... but upon restart the units are still in mm/s, even after redoing the analysis (since there are result units that can be set, I thought it was worth a try).

Any thoughts?

jstaker7 January 7, 2013 19:42

I figured it out. For future reference....

The results displayed in the viewport are not defined in the options menu.

To change the units of the results, simply right-click on the "thermometer" looking object in the display, and select your result options from there.

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