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Orb December 30, 2012 15:27

Post-Processing Streamlines
Is there a simple way to show streamlines (e.g., velocity streamlines) using Autodesk Simulation CFD 2013? I did the tutorials, but did not see an example of this. Thank you. January 4, 2013 12:01

RE: Post-Processing Streamlines
When I hear 'streamlines' I assume that you are running a 2D analysis since streamlines are only defined for a 2D flow. To plot actual streamlines you will need to do the following:

1) Make sure that 'Stream Function' is selected in your result quantities. If it is not, select it and click 'solve' for a total of 0 iterations. (I know this sounds weird but it will calculate any new result quantities for your last saved iteration).

2) In the global results page make sure that you have selected 'Stream Function' as your global result.

3) Right click on the legend, select 'Options' and place a check in the box next to 'Contours'.

4) Change your max and min legend values until you see the stream lines appear on the screen. This will take some trial and error. It also helps if you set the number of contours to 50.

Alternatively, if you are doing a 3D analysis and want to plot pathlines you can do the following:

1) In the results tab select 'Planes' and 'Add' to add a plane. Adjust the position and orientation as necessary to end up with a plane which intersects all of the points that you want to define pathlines through.

2) Select 'Traces'. This will bring up a dialog which has several methods for defining points including pick on plane, key in, rectangular grid, and circular grid. If you are doing grids make sure to set the rows and columns to achieve the desired number of stream traces.

3) Either pick points you want or select the control points for the grid. (These will vary with selection method.) Then click 'Add Points'. This should plot pathlines which pass through the points you defined.

Hope this helps.

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