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bjorn_fejer February 11, 2013 08:22

Change of flow area in summary planes
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I would like to ask for help regarding my Simulation on CFD 2013, my problem was the flow area of summary planes is different from inlet to outlet even-though I used same inside diameter of pipe. I have tried to move the cut planes, still they are having different in flow area.

I have used water for incompressible fluid. My parameters is as follows
Inlet=10 Bar pressure
Outlet=6 m/s velocity

Thank you in advance.

Bjorn Fejer

marktm250xc February 18, 2013 19:36

The area calculated is based off of the mesh topology. It is not uncommon to very small errors, especially for a coarse mesh due to the faceting and some round-off error. Refining the mesh helps the accuracy, but based on your flow vectors, your mesh seems OK. It should not be as far off as you show.

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