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thoff May 22, 2013 09:09

conversion of geometry
Hi all.
I need to convert a solid exterior model to the inside fluid model, to prepare a CFD simulation.
For an example this could be the geometry of a heat exchanger, which needed to be converted to the fluid model within the heat exchanger

Does anybody know how to do this in autodesk inventor?

Best Regards


marktm250xc May 24, 2013 09:15

Are you using Sim CFD (CFdesign)? Sim CFD, like other CFD tools, offers a "cap-and-go" process to automatically fill the voids when the model is launched into Sim CFD.

For example, take a length of pipe. In CAD, the solid pipe wall is modeled and you need the fluid volume. For this simple example, you could just extrude another solid. Or you could add a cylindrical disk to each end to "cap it" This create a watertight void which when launched into SimCFD, will become a volume which you can define as the fluid. The caveat is that is must be watertight. If the assembly contains gaps or holes or other "leaks", the autovolume will not be created.

Although surfacing and other techniques can be used in CAD, the cap-n-go method is by far the most popular and easiest.

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