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Koolifant November 20, 2013 12:43

Accuracy & validation of Autodesk CFD?
We do CFD for building fire situations and I've uses FDS and Phoenics. Now I just found out about autodesk CFD but i've got the feeling it's really quick & dirty. So i wonder if ther is any information on the accuracy of results? Have validation studies been done? What models are used? Can residuals and imbalances be assed? And has anyone experience with fire simulations with this software?


ApoloV November 22, 2013 17:21

Simulation CFD uses a correlation from the US NRC. (CFD Help details here) I know there have been some correlations done based on the Brohaus Roomvent and similar smoke modellign with good success.

You might want to pose this question on the Autodesk CFD forums where you can get more information from current users that are leveraging the smoke capabilities

holformr March 6, 2014 19:06

This is Autodesk's encyclopedia on the product:
I don't think there's anything smoke specific but as Apolo said, check out their discussion forums also.

ApoloV March 7, 2014 11:43

Smoke Specific items are in the help
If you click the link I provided which is to the Smoke specific section of the Help it should give most of the details required.

As I mentioned I've dealt with users that have done correlation models and had good success at matching accuracy and trends, without being able to share those specifically, you might be able to get more generic items on the SimCFD forums where some of those users share information

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