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Ross Fotheringham September 13, 2007 14:30

Modeling Heat Generated by Gas Flame (CFDesign)
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I design gas burning fireplaces and am new to CFDesign v9.0, and for that matter CFD software. I was wondering if there were any other CFD, or even CFDesign users out there having good success modeling the heat, both radiant and convective, produced by a gas flame. Currently I am modeling a water drop shape and then I assign a temperature (around 2k C) to it until my exhaust temps match what I am actually measuring. This works ok for designs that have already been prototyped, but obviously doesn't for designs that only exist electronically.

I've also tried assigning a BTU to the burner surface, or to my tear drop flame, but that doesn't seem to work well. The temps are either way under or way over.

Anyone having success, or have a suggestion? Thanks for your help,

Montgomery Rodgers October 8, 2007 05:27

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cecille October 30, 2007 12:25

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