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Monford September 4, 2008 21:33

Problem when launch Cfdesign from ProE
I attempted to launch CFDesign v9 from ProE Wildfire 3.0 (Date code : M050) I am using a model taken from the example folder from the CFDesign examples directory(CAR-AIR). An error message ,as follows, is flashed on-screen : Invalid Model Detected!

I attempted to launch other models that are from the CFDesign examples folder. I have also attempted to launch CFDesign with a model I created myself.However, I was not successful.The abovementioned error message was flashed.

In the working directory, there were mesh logs in the form of text documents.For the CAR-AIR model, i received the following :

ProsModel::constructModel: Model contains relative tolerances!! ProsModel: can not retrieve regions, Error = 1 Status = 0

May I know what is wrong? Are there any solutions or workarounds? Is there any site i can go to to get further assistance?

Please advise

berkay September 22, 2008 08:08

Re: Problem when launch Cfdesign from ProE
hi, Did you find a solution for your problem cause i got the same problem..

Monford September 22, 2008 20:40

Re: Problem when launch Cfdesign from ProE
yup...sort in-house technical support rep has determined that the Pro/ Mechanica or Pro Mesh licence was missing

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