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michelle June 22, 2003 23:35

Dear all

Just wondering about this CFDesign software, what are the advantage of this over software such as FLUENT, CFX & etc....


Joan June 23, 2003 03:47

turbulent flow -limit cycles

Does anyone know where I could find some datasets for turbulent flow with limit cycles?

I have searched the web extensivley but cannot find a suitable dataset.


alex June 23, 2003 13:11

Re: CFDesign
probably none, as far as numerics and physics....might be less expensive and more CAD friendly...

Alvin June 25, 2003 09:29

Re: CFDesign

I have used CFDesign for a month. It is a very stripped down general purpose modeler.

The only advantage I can see with it, is that it can import geometry from your MCAD environment very easily.

It will take STP, SAT, parasolid with no defeaturing. The only thing is, is that you have to cap off your internal flow volumes so that CFDesign will recognize it.

If you have used Fluent and CFD etc... you would be pounding yourself against the wall because of all the limitations in CFdesign... simple thing such as lack of mass airflow specification... It is also very unpolished in terms of it's UI.

I would recommend EFDLab if you just want a simple general purpose CFD code. Much better UI, more functionality than CFDesign. It's around the same price too.

Eric July 1, 2003 17:21

Re: CFDesign

I am not sure which version of CF Design you are using, but 6.0 has all of the features you would ever want. If, as it appears you are, you are familiar and 'used to' Fluent, then I would expect that you may be having some trouble figuring out how to use the tool. There are always differences between the UI of varying pieces of software. I personally believe the SF Design UI is the most intuitive that I have seen. As a point of reference, I have used Cosmos (Nika) FloWorks, CF Design, Maya Simulation, Fluent, and Flomerics.

For our company, CF Design was the best choice because we needed seemless integration with our CAD tools, didn't have the resources to have a dedicated PHD running a 100k tool, and needed a solid results orientated code to support our analyses. CF Design fit that bill to a tee. While it may only be able to do 99.5% of the analyses the more expensive solutions can, it costs less than 50% of that. We have never had a problem we couldn't solve using this software, and have had several customers come to us stating that other companies were unable to provide results (I won't mention any names).

Good luck with your decision...

andy July 2, 2003 04:12

Re: CFDesign

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