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sonodelirii August 15, 2010 00:23

CFDesign V10 and Solidworks 2010
Hi guys,

Need a little help with CFDesign V10 and Solidworks 2010. Hope someone here is familiar with the software.

I am very familiar wit Solidworks but new to CFdesign. Recently have installed CFDesign but not sure how to integrate it with Solidworks. Watching the tutorial on their website it seems there should be a CFdesign button in Solidworks after installation; I do not. Further more the tutorial shows the part as a 3D shaded solid in CFdesign while I only see a 2D representation and am unable to rotate it. Here is a screen shot; open are solidworks with the model, the model in parasolid format open in CFdesign and the tutorial window showing their interface.

If anyone can offer some guidance I would be very grateful.

Thanks guys!

derrek.cooper August 25, 2010 20:11

There should be a *.reg entry in the sw folder of the cfdesign installation folder. Technically sw2010 came out well after cfdesign v10. So you may want to contact support to help. Feel free to direct message me and I can help point you in the right direction.

Product manager

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