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yoavmatia March 27, 2011 14:31

CFDesign troubleshooting
Hi all

lately i have encountered an error with CFdesgin 2010 telling me "connecting timeout" when i "hit" the GO button to start an analysis.

ever since i got the error, i cant run any analysis on my machine.
the thing is i dont know who to "crush" current calculations on the server Mgr.

Algimantas April 3, 2011 15:48

I have trouble with Cfdesign 2010 also. Trying to calculate simple gas flow inside tube with turbulator. Here is Inventor .ipt (after 10 seconds press button "Pirmyn", when it is green) and here is I'm getting this Trying to do what is written there, but don't know what could be wrong with the CAD model, how to fix it. Reaching "Solve", looks like everything must be alright, but this annoying table...

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