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maruthiv June 17, 2011 09:36

CFDesign V11 -- Reverse flow at outlet

I am trying to run an analysis on a flow path of Solenoid valve in CFDesign.. The boundary conditions are :

Inlet (2 intlets): 185 KPa and 80C (temp)
Outlet (4 outlets) :0Kpa (2 circular and 2 ellitical gemoetry)

Now after running the analysis, at the outlet if i see the vectors, they show flow out for half the outlet and flow in the backward direction for the other half. Is this beacuse of circulation, vorticity? Do they effect ??

How can i get rid of this flow vectors showing back flow. I tried extending the outlet so the flow will be developed. But that is effecting my flow rate at outlet surface which is what i am trying to calculate.

Please give your insight!!

Thank you.

ayroman03 June 17, 2011 09:38

Have you got a pic?

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