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Fugacity February 16, 2012 15:24

Lost Scenario Results..??
I have a design study made up of 7 scenarios. I've just had 2 occasions of this program forgetting the results of a couple of the scenarios:

-Start Design Study.
-Que up all 7 Scenarios to solve.
-Monitor the solutions.
-I see that 4 of my scenarios have solved, so I open the design study and I can see results for scenarios 1,2 & 4, but there is no Results icon for scenario 3.
However, If I choose to solve Scenario 3 it wants to start from iteration xxx, NOT Iteration 0; Which tells me that it solved the flow field but lost the link to the results file structure. (There is a results file structure in the scenario folder, so a result exists...)

Is there any way to rebuild this link w/o re-running the analysis??:confused:

ryan.arnaudin February 24, 2012 11:48

Since there is a restart point for your iteration xxx you may try running 0 or 1 iterations from there. This may allow the software to load the results from the last iteration. If something is corrupt in the mesh or results files though this probably wont work. Worth a try though since you don't have results as it is and no one has offered a better workaround.

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