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zaer May 17, 2012 05:26

Changing units in AVL Fire

I have a problem with AVL Fire. I donít know how can I change units in this software.
I have made a part in GAMBIT and then meshed it. When I import it into AVL Fire, its dimensions are in m.
I want to change the dimensions to mm, but I don't know how?

Thank you,

rezahemmat1985 July 17, 2012 02:45

changing the units
hi dear,
I am using AVL Fire, I can it is not possible to scale the meshes in Fire. I had got this problem before. Does your problem resolved?If yes tell me how you scale it in Fire. thanks in advance. if possible be in contact with me via email : I like to have contact with other Fire users and share experiences.

avlcfd July 18, 2012 00:27

Changing units

in FIRE all units are SI Standard units. If you import a grid (or other data) the SW assumes that SI Units have been applied when writing the data.

2 options:
a) you write out the Gambit grid again using [m] instead of [mm]
b) use MESH TOOLS > MODIFY > BLOW (0.001) to scale the grid from [m] to [mm]


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