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mechanical August 5, 2012 21:58

heat transfer coefficient in quenching process
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I simulate quenching process but I don't know how can I reach to heat transfer coefficient during this process, quenching contain film and nucleate boiling and at last convection but in 3D result contour in FIRE we have " convection heat transfer coefficient contour", I use this ".h" file that I attach in 2D result formula to calculate heat transfer, Is that right? and Does any body have any suggestion?

AVL_FIRE_USER August 6, 2012 07:29


did you check the Application Examples Manual before? If not, Section 19 I recommend, as there is a quenching application documented.


mechanical August 6, 2012 07:39

Thanks for your reply

but I read all notification carefully in application example but it shows time-temperature curve for solid case, also it shows a " convection heat transfer coefficient " contour but it isn't that i want.


rezahemmat1985 August 9, 2012 10:44

hi dear
I think I had contact with you before! dear I am working on boiling phenomenon. in boiling process, heat transfer is sum of "convection" and "boiling" heat transfer values but in Fire each of their contoures are displayed seperately, but I need the sum of these 2 contoures. if you have any comment please inform me. we can help each other. I think you can solve your problem with defining a formula by your self in the 3d results in "SG" during the defining of the problem. there you can define a 3d formula by special charadters for each parameter, eg. 'den' for density, 'vel' for velocity and ... then you can set them in your favorite way according to the governing equation and see the desired contoures.

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