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luhawk August 9, 2012 10:56

ESE Engine Chamber Modeler tesselation at piston edge
Hello everybody,

I'm currently meshing a cylinder with a pot-like cavity in the piston in ESE Engines Chamber Modeler. Now the problem is that the grid is to coarse to resemble the edge appropriately.
I have found two ways to fix it which are very costly in terms of cell numbers (almost doubling):

1st: putting refinement regions into the 2D template where the circumferential edge appears to be. Works fine but has drawbacks: Doubling in cell numbers, since refinement is is every layer, not just where I want it to be; very imprecise since the location of the edge is not visible in the 2D template so I have to estimate it.

2nd: increasing the number of horizontal layers for the cylinder meshing by ~+30. Works not as good, since the whole cylinder is refined, but has less increase in cell number (increase of about 1/3) and I don't have to estimate any locations.

Since I'm not really satisfied with both results my question is whether it is possible to refine single horizontal layers (like in other software) and i just didn't find the option, or if anybody knows another workaround.

Any help is appreciated, kindest regards,


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