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amin_u50 February 23, 2013 05:27

insert chemical Reaction
hi....i want to to simulate HCCI engine with AVL FIRE...therefore i need to import chemical kinetic but i don't know how done this work...does anybody know about this me...thnx

avlcomb February 26, 2013 08:38

First of all, you need an ascii file containing the chemical reactions in Chemkin II compatible layout. Additionally you might also need the files thermdat and trandat, which contain the thermochemical and transport data for the species. Note, that the properties of many species are already contained in FIRE, so you need the external files only in the case that the species are not in the internal database.

Second step is to create a case and choose 'General Gas Phase Reactions' (GGPR). There you can browse the mechanism file.
Chose other options as 'turbulence chemistry interaction' to your convenience. It is not recommended to change the settings for the chemistry solver - keep the default values.
If thermdat or trandat is required for your project, copy the file(s) to the calculation case directory.

amin_u50 March 3, 2013 15:50

insert chemical Reaction
hi avlcomb... i solve that kinetic problem in AVL FIRE and thanks you for guide me.i found General Gas Phase Reaction in AVL FIRE...thanks a lot...:)

santoso_lipi March 6, 2013 20:45

Dear all,

I try to incorporate the mechanism file. The solver could read the file, in the .fla file:

%fire-I-CHOM_INIT_CHEMISTRY, Done: Reading Chemical Reaction Input File:
%fire-I-CHOM_INPUT, Finished setup of homogeneous reactions.

And call the solver:

%fire-I-chom_rate, calling solver for homogeneous reactions
%fire-I-chom_rate, progress of ODE solution = 20%
.................................................. .........
%fire-I-chom_rate, progress of ODE solution = 100%

But could not start the calculation. The calculation stop at first time step:

%fire-I-cysetup, ====================================
Testing proper position of injector:
%fire-I-cysetup, Calculation continues

Any body could help to solve the problem?
Thank you

Karthikeya March 28, 2013 09:51

I can help you . But not on line. message me ur mobile no. or e mail id. we wil be in touch with that. where are you from. 9912194512

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