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shahrbanoo October 15, 2013 01:33

calculate problem
Hi everybody

I'm a beginer in learning AVL FIRE.
I'm using AVL Fire 2008.
I've used the example of Fire that it has (Intake manifold without solving energy equation).
I meshed it and gave boundary conditions and initial conditions to it.
when I calculate, it says" calculate case finished".
but when I see the logfile window for considering residuals, I see only three points on the residual plot. does it mean that it has converged for 3 iteration?

I would be appreciate it if u help me...

amin_u50 October 16, 2013 15:20

Hi miss shamekhi...
Ok. you must read manual line by line. You must found where we can see this error with more information. If you found this file, you can solve your problem.
best regards

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