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shahrbanoo December 1, 2013 03:25

zero faces in dynamic mesh
I want to make a moving mesh for my SI engine
I did it with fame engine plus
after it has finished, I tried to give the .flm file data for case, but I noticed that I don't have INI_EX_Port.
and I then found that I didn't have any face on outlet part, for example, the faces of BND_Outlet and all faces related to outlet are zero.
Could u please help me?

Best regards...

shahrbanoo December 1, 2013 08:20

please I need the answer...:confused:

kimmhw December 2, 2013 05:11

If your Fame Engine Plus is working well, I guess re-mesh generation will be better.
Surely, your surface file should include the selections.

I think you can use FMO Editor.
After opening *.fmo, you can see many moving sets.
And then, you have to load one mesh for each moving set and define selections and save mesh. You have to repeat this process for all of moving sets.

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