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openfoam January 20, 2014 12:56

Fire 2011.11(ESE)
Dear all,
I am trying to solve diesel engine tutorial from ESE.Simulation is running,at the end flv2(result is not showing) file is not generating.So please send any solution for it.

Thanks for your help

amin_u50 January 20, 2014 13:32

Hi dear
I have an advice for u. In my opinion is better u generate mesh with ESE diesel and then open your .fpr file with work flow manager. and then run your simulation. I think ESE engine Doesn't have all of advantages of work flow manager.

openfoam January 20, 2014 13:50

Thank u amin_u50.

valikiut February 6, 2014 08:46

Hi everyone,
I am new user of AVL Fire and I want to simulate simple diesel engine combustion. In solver steering file (SSF), I use eddy breakup combustion model for combustion and diesel model for auto ignition model and their default constant for them, but I have some problems. The start of combustion is late and the results are unacceptable. How can I modify it? Should I change auto ignition model or its constants? What is the best model for combustion and auto ignition model for diesel? How can I change injection pressure? There is nothing in SSF file for injection pressure. Would I have your SSF file for diesel combustion?
Please help me.

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