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amin_u50 April 28, 2014 00:13

Connecting 3 separated meshes
Hi every body. I separately generate 3 volume meshes which encompass cylinder, pre-combustion chamber and cylinder's bowl. I want to connect these meshes in a certain location. I was wondering whether it is possible to connect these meshes or not by means of AVL FIRE? I appreciate it

Best regards
Amin Yousefi

cfdvenkatesh May 16, 2014 13:16

I couldn't understand your question completely. You could try FAME Assembly to connect Moving meshes or static and moving meshes.

amin_u50 July 1, 2014 04:57

Hi dear

Do you know how Fame Engine Assembly work? I have 2 static mesh ( Bowl+Prechamber) and one moving mesh (Cylinder). Can I define a specific point to joint Cylinder and Bowl or not?

Best Regards

cfdvenkatesh July 9, 2015 10:03

I need some pictures to understand your problem. Please send me private message or e-mail, so we could discuss.

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