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Team AVL February 16, 2016 11:31

Launch of FIRE™ M
AVL is pleased to announce the launch of AVL FIRE M - the latest code from Advanced Simulation Technologies. FIRE M builds on the success of FIRE, which has lead the way for over two decades in high-end multiphase, moving mesh, combustion cfd for engines, transmission oil flows, electrochemistry and quenching analysis.

AVL FIRE™ M is a multi-domain simulation software simultaneously solving non-reacting, single phase fluid flows, heat transfer and solid temperatures in systems without moving boundaries. The user interface (the 'Simulation Desktop') is new, and represents the future of all AVL Advanced Simulation Technologies software.

FIRE M comes with automatic poly mesher, solvers and post-processing.

AVL is offering an annual license of FIRE for Eu299.
To see this introductory offer, go to:

arnie_rao August 11, 2016 07:21


Can you please PM me to request assistance with running AVL FIREM 2016c version?

There is a change in the version of the software and how its run on the cluster as compared to the 2014 version. Your assistance is much appreciated.


Team AVL August 23, 2016 16:02

fire_cmd -project_dir=proj -solver_vers=v2016 -mpi -cpu=num_cpu -hostlist=host -case=case -asix=asx

arnie_rao August 24, 2016 05:44

Thanks Team AVL for the replies,

I have been using 2014 version and the 2016 is quite a step up interms of interface and case setup. I was previously trying to run the 2014 case.ssf with the 2016 solver and getting several errors.

Ex: Using ustim.f to setup points to monitor flow velocities no longer works in 2016 and causes jobs to terminate on the cluster. These are defined internally in the gui.

2) Is intel 2012 compiled the preferred one. Also which linux distros is FIREM recommended. I had troubles installing on the latest version on Ubuntu 16.04LTS. But then I could install it on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS and no issues!

3) FAME M Feedback:

While conducting parametric studies for external aerodynamics, we use wake boxes or refinement zones in the vicinity of the body under consideration. To obtain refinement zones in the same location and os similar sizes, we have had to use datum objects such as a cylinder or a cone. However, this is not very practical for external aero, where rectangular wake boxes are preferred. This addition would be amazing in the future release and would be very optimal for meshing as well.

Overall this release is a significant improvement over the 2015 version with the meshing process more stable and consistent. There are few issues with edge detection where edges are not easily recognised in a high resolution stl file and needs a more manual intervention where the surface gradients are more gradual..

Nartasan January 24, 2018 21:31

Hi AVL Team,

I'm trying to run a simulation by Putty (a virtual machine to connect to supercomputer). But when I try to open avl fire from terminal and see the results, it says "you are trying to read ssf file from the future version. This action can cause severe problems. Do you want to continue anyway?" So, I can't see any results and load the 3d timesteps!

The version in both supercomputer and local host is AVL 2014.
Could you please help me?


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