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klenn January 27, 2014 16:03

Star ccm+ model
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Hi, I am completly New to Star CCM+ and are making an airfoil simulation.
I have imported an airfoild and created an fluid domain around it as a Block. Then airfoil is subtracted from domain and domain Assigned to Region1. But there should be only 6 items in this region, the 6 faces of the Box. Now there is also items from the airfoil.
I think that can be the reason why i cant generate meshing.
Maybe it is possible to see from the Pictures what can be wrong. Thankyou in advance :)

Alfalfa January 27, 2014 21:37

How do you assign your part to the region? For this you first need to separate your part by surface (within the part), then you assign part to region (one region for all part, one boundary per part surface) and then you should be good to mesh. (You seem to have done the right thing).

The airfoils is supposed to be in the region part since it is a boundary, else you would only have a cube. That is not the source of the problem I think. Looking at the error, the problem seems to be the lack of memory, what are the specs of the computer you use?

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