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Ulf E January 18, 2000 03:07

Turbomachinery with Star-Cd
I want to try to model a compressor stage. Therefor, I wonder if there is anything published with turbomachinery, using Star-Cd. Thanks in advance Ulf

Joern Beilke January 18, 2000 04:05

Re: Turbomachinery with Star-Cd
There is some stuff on my home page ( Maybe it helps a little.

Matt Heikkila March 1, 2000 20:58

Re: Turbomachinery with Star-Cd
Great page! Love the animations. What software tools did you use to create them? Is there a way to export animations from StarCD directly into MPEG or some other video format?

Joern Beilke March 2, 2000 04:39

Re: Turbomachinery with Star-Cd
The technical part is very easy. Just use the "scdu" to dumb out the pictures in RGB or GIF fomat ant then use moviemaker/movieconvert. These are the front-ends of dmconvert which is shipped with every SGI. Maybe you have to ensure that there are even numbers of lines and columns before creating the mpeg but I'm not sure.

nizam July 11, 2000 21:23

Re: Francis turbine with cfd
i'm investigating francis turbine runner with cfd software.Therefore i wonder if anybody can gimme some advices or examples that has been made for that case. thanks alot.

John C. Chien July 13, 2000 01:07

Re: Francis turbine with cfd
(1). Try to type " Francis Turbine Runner" into an Inerenet search site, you should be able to find some information. (2). I came across a paper by Albert Ruprecht, University of Stuttgart, check the web site:

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