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Mathew July 19, 2000 14:27

Error Tutorial 7 ?

I have been attempting to complete tutorials 7-1 and 7-2 (of ProStar) however on executing the pmovlink I get an error informing me that 'max cells exceeds 1'.

For the problem, all values for prosize (hence prolinkl which I have to use) are given, and the max number of cells is 120,000 anyway. The error does not specify which cells it refers to, however all relevent values for cell numbers are in excess of the required amount anyway.

If anyone else has had the same problem or is aware of the reason for the error, I would be must obliged if you could reply.

Thanks in advance.


J. Y. Luo July 20, 2000 05:39

Re: Error Tutorial 7 ?
Dear Mathew,

This looks very strange - this tutorial has been tested over 30 operating systems and over a few STAR versions. When you execute pmovlink, it is trying to check if the maximum PROSTAR cell number matches the one in the geometry file. The maximum PROSTAR cell no. is written in with parameter NCPSMX. Please check your PROSTAR run again - could it be that is not created for this case (you can do the following in prostar:


trfi connect

evfi connect


Sreenadh July 20, 2000 19:35

Re: Error Tutorial 7 ?
Sounds like you did not have the events turned on before writing the geometry file. Redo with the following commands in sequence

time,trans mvgr,on,events evfile conn geom

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