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Haris Maharana August 2, 2000 14:42

Restriction on number of boundary cells !!!

I have a 2-D mesh consisting around 200,000 cells. I have to specify symmetry boundary conditions on these cells. However, in STAR-CD v3.05, it only accepts 100,000 cells and rest thing it neglects. Is this the limitation of STAR-CD or is there any other way to account for more than 100,000 cells?

Your quick and valuable suggestion will be highly appreciated.

Haris Maharana

M.C.Mathew August 23, 2000 16:32

Re: Restriction on number of boundary cells !!!
Hello there, have you read up on prolinkl or prosize? I believe this to be your problem. Using prosize, you can set limits to such values. The command is executed outside of Prostar. Or preferably use prolinkl command (outside of Prostar once again). The both set up a parameter file defining limits for cell numbers etc. but you will need to run prolinkl to link the file to and executable version of prostar (i.e. and executable file that runs prostar whilst incorporating the parameter from your newly made file).

good luck and email if you need, I don't visit this forum much.

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