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Roberto Ciardulli October 25, 2000 11:02

relaxation factors
How do relaxation factors affect calculations? If I use values that are lower than default ones, is my solution "less real"?

thank you in advance


J. Y. Luo October 25, 2000 11:35

Re: relaxation factors
The relaxation factors only affect the convergence history, not the final results. The purpose of under-relaxation is to make variable changes less rapidly so that the solution is more stable.

Roberto Ciardulli October 26, 2000 10:40

Re: relaxation factors
I know that this could seem a stupid question, but wouldn't it be easier just to set a very very low relax. fact. like 0.1? I'm very interested in this topic.

Thanks, Roberto

J. Y. Luo October 26, 2000 11:35

Re: relaxation factors
Yes, you can do that. It's a balance between stability and computing time. If you set very low under-relaxation factor, the solution changes very little by each iteration and it will takes ages to get convergence. The best values should be as close to one as possible while maintaining solution stability.

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