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Yuan Shen November 6, 2000 17:07

Feedback for PSTT file
Thank Ahmed Hassaneen and J.Y. Luo for their kind help! I have solved the problem after their indication. The main reason for not generating PSTT file is that the STAR can not keep the transient information on the ANALYSIS OUTPUT Panel. ( I am not sure whether it is a bug or not.) After finishing setup the model, I set the choice for U, V, P, T, etc again on that panel. Then, I ran PMOVLINK and STARLINK and then STAR to get PSTT file.

Thank you again!

A.Hassaneen November 7, 2000 06:47

Re: Feedback for PSTT file
Yes Yuan, you should specify which data you want to put on the pstt file otherwise there will be no need for the file itself.

Mathew C. Mathew November 24, 2000 14:03

Re: Feedback for PSTT file
hello there, I to have been having some fun with transient analysis. Here is what I understand: -

The star code was originally meant for steady state problems (guess - sorry if i'm wrong), the use of transient problems meant that alterations were required, which are put into place when you use the PMOVLINK command, before linking the star module.

So every time you want to run a transient model, you must after writing the problem file, run the PMOVLINK command.

Ahmed Hassaneen November 24, 2000 15:52

Re: Feedback for PSTT file
[1]No, this is wrong. You should run pmovlink only if you are running STAR from outside PROSTAR. [2] you don't have to run STAR from outside PRO for transient problem unless you have moving grids with events module.

Mathew C. Mathew November 28, 2000 09:15

Re: Feedback for PSTT file
Ah thanks, i've never actually run STAR from inside PRO, so i never realised, cheers.

Pat Neuman November 30, 2000 09:59

Re: Feedback for PSTT file
PMOVLINK is only required when moving meshes are used. You can run transient STAR analysis outside of PROSTAR without using PMOVLINK. Since PROSTAR can use up 100MB of ram for even a small problem, I would not run star from withing prostar!

When using the 'ADVANCED' Transient options, make sure that you connect to the star.tran before you change time steps and boundary conditions. Be sure to save this information as well as saving you star.prob file. Time step information is stored in the star.tran and star.prob file, but the star.prob information is ignored when the star.tran exists.

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