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Jiaying Xu August 18, 2001 10:57

Starwatch problem and turbulence length unit
Two other problems in this post:

The first is starwatch problem. During using STAR-CD package, I found sometimes starwatch works fine but sometimes dosen't work. When it doesn't work, the error message in x-term typically is as following:

...iteration result... This Strip Chart will use port 6201. ...iteration result... Warning - Server response timed out. Star job unable to check for registration with starwatch. ...iteration result...

what does this mean? How can I get it work?

Secondly, when I specify an inlet boundary condition, what is the unit of the turbulence length? Is it the standard unit (meter)? If I put 1 as scale factor (STAR GUIde > Analysis Preparation/Running > Run Analysis Interatively > Scale Factor), no problem. But if I put other value, say 0.01, I need to know which value if I should choose for turbulence length of 0.01m, 0.01 or 1?

Many thanks.


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