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Michael Schmid November 6, 2001 12:42

Parallel STAR version

I am a new STAR user. After running through some tutorials my job is to get to know how the parallel version works. The documentation isn't that extensive answering all my questions. So I went into trouble. The status is, that there are naming conflicts between the MPIch-library and the (mapping) /usr/local/star-cd/v3100B/solve/mpp/mpich.o file for example. I found that the file mentioned above (mpich.o) uses lower case names where the mpich implementation library uses upper case names.

In general: has anybody experiences with the parallel version of STAR? Any hints suggestions??? (they are really really welcome :)

Thanks in advance,

M. Schmid

HFI - TU-Berlin (

steve November 7, 2001 10:41

Re: Parallel STAR version
CD offers pre-compiled versions of mpich that you can download from their website for just about all machines. These versions are meant to work with STAR 3.15 (the latest) so I don't guarentee that it will work with your version, but they probably will. The quickest thing to do is call user support.

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