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Julie Polyakh January 3, 2002 06:34

Temperature Model
Hi! As always I have a question and it is: There are two options for Temperature Models for AIR: 1) Enthalpy - Thermal and 2) Enthalpy - Chemico-Thermal. When each of them should be used?

john January 4, 2002 06:50

Re: Temperature Model
Just the definition of the enthalpy is different: the two forms reduce to the same equation if no chemical reaction occurs. So without chemical reaction, you can always choose thermal option.

Julie Polyakh January 5, 2002 17:29

Re: Temperature Model
I think that you are wrong because after I've set the 'Thermal' option for the enthalpy computation the temperature values are OK (they where x2 higher than they shoul be). Now there is another problem: no convergence after 1000 iterations (the enthalpy residual ~0.04).

Jing January 17, 2002 10:17

Re: Temperature Model
There are four choices: STATIC, TOTAL, ROTHALPY and STAGNATION under the item of "Thermal". Have you defined a right one?

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