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Julie Polyakh January 3, 2002 12:08

AIR molecular properties
What options for AIR molecular properties (i.e. density, Cv, conductivity) should I set for compressible flow?

john January 4, 2002 06:54

Re: AIR molecular properties
Normally IDEAL GAS f(P,T) for density, constant specific heat capacity and conductivity are adequate. If temperature is high, you may also consider Suderland formula for laminar viscosity.

Julie Polyakh January 4, 2002 08:59

Re: AIR molecular properties
I obtain the temperature values x2 than they should be. What could be the reason? I have just 2 opposing inlets and pressure boundary (outlet, actually). The velocities are low. No chemistry. Do you have any ideas? (I hope you do :)

Julie Polyakh January 5, 2002 17:25

Re: AIR molecular properties
After I've set the 'Thermal' option for the enthalpy computation the temperature values are OK. But now there is no convergence after 1000 iterations (the enthalpy residual ~0.04).

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