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Sharon April 1, 2002 11:11

Heat Transfer

I am trying to achieve HTC at the internal surface of manifold. Can someone help me with the BC please. Manifold has a thickness of 2.5 mm. Look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks Sharon

Achim April 3, 2002 14:29

Re: Heat Transfer
what ? achieve the internal htc ?

I presume you what to investigate the internel flow field, so the internal htc is part of your solution. I'm not quite sure of you intention but if I morph your question to what I think it could be a useful one, the answer is the following:

if you know the environment temperature and the external htc then fix the wall temperature and the thermal resistance R according to one-dimensional conduction in circular ducts as

R = 1/{Di/De*htc_e + 0.5*Di/cnd * ln(De/Di)}

Di,De = internal, external diameter; htc_e = external htc; cnd = conductivity of manifold;

if you know the external wall temperature then fix this instead of the environment temperature and ignore the convection term in the above eqation.

but if you still want to set the internal htc, then use modswf.

finally if your only problem is to get the htc, then be sure to checkbox the relevant variable to be written to your postfile and use getw htran or getw hcoef command.


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