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Alfred Herman.S. May 2, 2002 05:34

Simulation of a four stroke engine cycle
My requirement is to simulate events in a four stroke diesel engine, i.e, a 720 degree cycle simulation. So the methodology I adopted to set up the events module is to modify the events given in Prostar tutorial no.13 to simulate all the four strokes. The only error I get is that, by the usage of EVPARM,PISTON,..command for defining the cylinder mesh events over 0 to 720 degrees, I get a duplication of event times for degrees after 360 degrees crank angle,i.e, the event times again start from 0.0 after 360 degeee, resulting in un-uniqueness of event times. Iam in requirement of a solution to the problem.


Alfred Herman.

hennie May 27, 2002 07:05

Re: Simulation of a four stroke engine cycle
I've had the same problem The only solution i could get is to use a spline defining piston postion and then not use the piston option but evparm degrees, simular to calculating valve positions.

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