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Murali February 12, 2003 23:52

STAR-CD user-defined scalar
Hello all

I am a newbie to STAR-CD. I have a question regarding user defined scalar. I have a temperature distribution in X,Y,Z. The flow is perpendicular to XY plane. I would like obtain the average temperature as a function of x,y. i.e I want to average all those cells in z dirextion at every point and hence obtain the Tbulk as a function of x,y alone. I tried to use a user defined scalar through POSDAT.F. What I did :

(1) run the simulation (2) Obtain temperature profile (3) run the simulation only for the user-defined scalar and use POSDAT.F for assigning the value to the scalar.

But I find that I am NOT able to set the value of scalar through POSDAT.F

My question is:

When I assign the value of a scalar in POSDAT.F, what is SCALFN.F doing ? I have NOTHING in SCALFN.F about the scalar I am using to calculate. Whatever manipulations I tried are only with POSDAT.F. So am I missing some point here regarding SCALFN.F ?



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