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Kwenda February 19, 2003 07:32

Mesh Problem
How is it that I can have control it of the direction of the normal for each surface in ProAM? This in the case of me to have several sub-domains and to want to have controls it of the mesh, in other words, to have the mesh so much inside as well as among them. I have the box (static domain) and inside of this I have the cylinder (movable domain). Inside of the cylinder (movable domain) she i the candle. My problem i that PROAM makes the mesh among the box (static domain) and the cylinder (movable domain) but she doesn't of the between the cylinder and the candle. How i it that should proceed? Thank you goes your attention, good work.

cjtune February 19, 2003 11:38

Re: Mesh Problem
Kwenda, if I understand you situation correctly, I think you should first mesh the box (leave a hollow space for the cylinder), then start a new case to mesh the cylinder, use the command CDSA,,, (to write the couple, cell and vertex data files) for the cylinder. Close. Open up the case file/database for the box and then use the cell/boundary/vertex tools to read in the .vrt, .cel, and .cpl file data (careful to supply the correct offsets). The cylinder should now be with your box and you can start to place the boundaries.

It is necessary to mesh both parts separately because ProAM has the inherent weakness of not being able to deal with multiple closed surfaces in a single go, and you can only generate meshes from closed surfaces.

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