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Drummer March 27, 2003 06:38

boiling and evaporation examples
Does anyone have examples of user subroutines, realizing evaporation and boiling of droplets???


cjtune March 27, 2003 22:07

Re: boiling and evaporation examples
I think STAR-CD already has heat/mass transfer and boiling models for droplets, covering both cases when the droplet either evaporates instantaneously or loses its mass gradually.

You can read about it in the methodology manual at pg.12-12... unless you have something special in mind.

Drummer March 28, 2003 03:08

Re: boiling and evaporation examples
the problem is that when I use standart models, droplets do not evaporate - after temperature 373K they continue get hotter, while the temperature must be constant whu\ile they evaporate...

cjtune March 28, 2003 05:05

Re: boiling and evaporation examples
I think you might have set-up the droplet properties wrongly somewhere. Also, the STAR-CD methodology manual do mention that STAR-CD takes account of such things (note that the T of the droplet can be greater than T for boiling, eg. when the ambient P is higher than atm). BTW, the temperature must be constant only if the droplet's boiling (latent heat process). Evaporation can happen at any temperature that a droplet is in liquid phase, below T boiling.

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