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Giovanni March 31, 2003 09:26

3Gb RAM!!!!!
Hello everyone,

I have to run an analysis that needs 3GB of RAM.

Using a 32 bit machine it isn't possible to run a single job that uses more than 2GB of Ram. The solution should be a cluster of machines.

But a bi-processor??? (1.5GB * 2 processors)

Do you have experience of this problem?

Thank you very much Giovanni

Marc April 1, 2003 09:53

Re: 3Gb RAM!!!!!
Yes, I have.
A dual processor board could be a solution, but I guess it will be difficult to find a intel based one, which has at least 6 slots for 512 MB memory chips. All the other possibilities 1024 MB chips and appropriate boards have not been affordable six months ago. Maybe they are now.
Greetings Marc

Joern Beilke April 1, 2003 14:56

Re: 3Gb RAM!!!!!
You can run it on an 2 processor machime with 4 GB of memory (very expensive) in 2 ways:

starlink -Y (uppercase) on 2 processors


run it as a 4 processor job (even on a 2 processor machime)

The second one should run more stable but requires a 4 proc. license.

The other way is to switch to a 64 bit platform, run it on a cluster or create a better mesh.

Giovanni April 2, 2003 07:42

Re: 3Gb RAM!!!!!
So a dual xeon 2.66GHz with 4GB of RAM and Linux is ok!!

Thank you Giovanni

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