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Nyquist June 11, 2003 04:31

Cracks - read *.vrt and *.cel
I read a model(mesh) creaded by pro*am. I am sure that the model has no error when creating at pro*am. But threr some cracks after I reading the *.vrt and *.cel files? How can I fix the problem? Thank you very much.

Joern Beilke June 11, 2003 10:20

Re: Cracks - read *.vrt and *.cel
You probably forgot to read the couples (*.cpl).

Nyquist June 12, 2003 03:01

Re: Cracks - read *.vrt and *.cel
But I cannot find where to get *.cpl file. ???

CJ Tune June 13, 2003 00:02

Re: Cracks - read *.vrt and *.cel
It's not saved by default with CDSA. You need to use the Couple Tool to do a 'Couple Write...'.

steve June 13, 2003 10:23

Re: Cracks - read *.vrt and *.cel
CDSAVE saves couples but as CP commands instead of in a .cpl file. No doubt the .cpl file came after the CDSAVE command so it was never changed - but couples are definitely there.

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