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guang ai July 7, 2003 21:07

arbitrary sliding method
Hi everyone, I am preparing to run an blower simulation using arbitrary sliding method. I am wondering if I need to have a fortran compiler ready or not. Thank you in advance.

CJ Tune July 7, 2003 21:27

Re: arbitrary sliding method
You need at fortran compiler only if you're using a UNIX version of STAR-CD, or if you're using user subroutines.

guang ai July 7, 2003 21:52

Re: arbitrary sliding method
I am using window version at the moment. After I started solver,I got message as follows: "****GEOMETRICAL CLACULATIONS COMPLETED: ?FORTRAN Runtime Error: ?Attempt to read past end of file ?READ(UNIT=32,... . Press any key to continue..." So I am confused.

CJ Tune July 8, 2003 00:41

Re: arbitrary sliding method
You'll get this error message when you've set-up something illogical or wrong in the GUIde or in your events / cgrd file. Nothing to do with having a Fortran compiler.

guang ai July 8, 2003 17:38

Re: arbitrary sliding method
Thank you for your help.

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