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Lee October 30, 2003 05:53

A problem about the sensor points
I created some sensor points at some points of the solution domain of a transient model.But when I used a macro in order to get the transient results of those sensor points and put them into the registers,I found I couldn't get the results of every itration step,ie, the results of the sensor points can only be stored the last iteration step,it can't keep the transient data.And it always come out an error message:" there are no enough register to store data",however there is only the first position of every register to store the data,the other positions are blank but can't store data. Because I had many data,it is impossible for me to get the results in many times. So how can I solve this problem? Please help me out this pitfall! Whether are there some other ways to reach the goal to get some results of the solution domain. Thank you very much for your help! The following is the macro: *set N 5 *set it N N *set NTSTEP 5 v,1,,, v,2,,, v,3,,, vset news vran 1 3 1 sens,add,vset trload press1000.pstt,nomvgr store iter it *getv all vmag cset news gran sens scan cset gvalue,2,1,sensor,both,0 *define noxec store iter it *getv all vmag cset news gran,,, sens scan cset gvalue,next,,sensor,both,0 *end *loop 1 NTSTEP 1

TomK October 30, 2003 13:37

Re: A problem about the sensor points
I have done this before by writing the sensors to a file at each time step, then merging all the files. Then use another program, such as EXCEL, to plot the data.

jimbob October 31, 2003 05:26

Re: A problem about the sensor points
I would recommend using the "Monitor Engineering Data" functionality. This saves cell or boundary data in .ecd and .erd files. The results from which can then be plotted in prostar using the "edgr" command.

The other way to do this is through the user subroutine "posdat". See the example coding for how.

Pauli October 31, 2003 14:32

Extracting sensor data from .pstt file
!Extract sensor data from .pstt file !This example macro assumes 8 sensors exist

! Clear graph registers greset $y !Allocate memory memo mxstor 2e6 !Allocate graph registers numreg 10

! Load sensor numbers in register 1 gload 1 sens all ! Initialize graph register row pointer *set RROW 1 1 !Load post transient file trload,CaseName.pstt,nomvgr$cont *set tval 5,5 *def exec stor iter tval !Load post data into sensors getc none pstat abso sens scan all !Load sensor data into graph register 2 gval 2 1 sens pst4 !Move sensor data into graph registers 3 to 10 *get val1 graph 2 1 *get val2 graph 2 2 *get val3 graph 2 3 *get val4 graph 2 4 *get val5 graph 2 5 *get val6 graph 2 6 *get val7 graph 2 7 *get val8 graph 2 8 gfil 3 val1,,,1,RROW gfil 4 val2,,,1,RROW gfil 5 val3,,,1,RROW gfil 6 val4,,,1,RROW gfil 7 val5,,,1,RROW gfil 8 val6,,,1,RROW gfil 9 val7,,,1,RROW gfil 10 val8,,,1,RROW *end *loop 1 100 1

! store graph data to disk sdata,CaseName.grf,8,3,1,coded close CaseName.grf

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