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Abe December 8, 2003 14:58

user subroutine BCDEFW for velocity

I tried to use the user subroutine BCDEFW for velocity. The velocity at the wall is a function of x and y coordinate. The solver compiled the user subroutine. However, it appears that it did not read the x and y values and evaluated them as zero. The functions are typically U=10+20*SQRT(X**2+Y**2)*COS(ALPHA) and V=10+20*SQRT(X**2+Y**2)*SIN(ALPHA) I wonder what is missing?

Thanks in advance. Abe

John L December 9, 2003 08:18

Re: user subroutine BCDEFW for velocity
Did you activate the user function for the wall region in PROSTAR - you should see in the .run file head of additional features used:USER FORTRAN CODING USED

Abe December 12, 2003 10:29

Re: user subroutine BCDEFW for velocity

Thank you. It resolved the problem.

Now, I am experiencing another difficulty. The wall boundary is located at the interface of fluid and solid. I need to define a heat flux at this boundary. The wall needs to be determined as conducting wall since there is a conjugate heat transfer. However, in this case, conducting wall and heat flux cannot be defined at the same time. I tried to define heat flux in the subroutine while making the wall conducting, but it did not see the heat flux. I need to make the wall moving and conducting with a heat flux. Is it possible to define this type of boundary? Or, any idea to resolve this problem?

Thank you.

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