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Mahbub December 18, 2003 16:18

Not running
My computation is not running. It's giving me the following message. Please help me regarding this. Thanks.

"" Warning - Server not running, no information sent to starwatch. &&&& ---- ----------- ---------------------- ------------------ --------------------- -----------------

Calculation terminated - job stopped by user intervention "

Joel December 18, 2003 17:44

Re: Not running
the server not running no info sent to starwatch is fairly insignificant, it just means that the residual and monitoring information server is not running so that the graphical interface (starwatch) will not be able to pick and view your data, not that important as starwatch is a pile of garbage anyways and i gave up trying to run it years ago. As for the job stopped by user intervention that is something else. Which version of star are you using and on what operating system, also is the run transient or ss?

Joern Beilke December 18, 2003 22:15

Re: Not running
You created a file "ABORT" in your directory which tells star to correctly stop the calculation after this iteration. So just delte this file. If it is a hpc job type "prohpc abort clear".

Mahbub December 18, 2003 23:15

Re: Not running
Thanks. My version is 3.150A (build 522 ).

Mahbub December 18, 2003 23:22

Re: Not running
Yes , I deleted the file "abort" and it's running now. Thank you so much. Would you please tell me how these files have been created?

Michiel December 19, 2003 10:33

Re: Not running
These files can be sen manually by using 'touch ABORT' but are also used by star if u abort using the interactive (GUI) mode.

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